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For Your Boston Terrier

With their lively personalities and tuxedo-snazzy looks, Boston Terriers are charming companions in just about any living situation. Boston Terriers are always ready for fun. Our first dog was a Boston named Spunky - a wonderful best friend for two little girls. There have been Bostons in our lives ever since and Fran can't imagine her life without one. We know Boston Terriers pretty well and among our recommendations for every Boston household are these items, plus some adorable tees for the Boston Terrier lover:

ComfortFlex Sport HarnessThe ComfortFlex Sport Harness: Our favorite for broad-chested, strong little dogs. It's easy to put on, secure, and the leash attaches away from the dog's back and distributes pressure all across the chest.

Boston Terrier Heartbeat Tee at Golly GearIs your Boston Terrier your heart? The Heartbeat Tee from SunFrog Designs will show your love! This link will take you to in another window. Available in Guys' Tee, Ladies' Tee and Hoodie styles. You'll be purchasing this directly from SunFrog Shirts.

Tuggins Toys for Small Dogs Tugging Toys: Bostons love to tug! Here's a great variety of tugging toys.

Tossing Toys for Small Dogs at Golly GearTossing Toys - And Bostons love to play fetch! Here are some tossing toys.

Boston Terrier Love Tee from Golly GearBoston Terrier Tag cloudAnother great T-Shirt from SunFrog Shirts! A tag cloud in the silhouette of a Boston Terrier with all the words that we love about our favorite dog: Family, Fun, Playful, Curious and more! Available in Mens' and Ladies' Tees and Hoodie styles. You'll be purchasing this directly from SunFrog Shirts.
Leather CollarThe Leather Collar: It's a classic - just like your Boston! Updated for the 21st century, these hand-made leather collars come in vivid colors, because Boston Terriers look good in any color you like!

Collapsible BowlThe Collapsible Bowl: Convenient, portable water supply and bowl for your Boston, wide enough to fit a broader muzzle. Bostons play hard and, like all short-faced dogs, can get overheated, so fresh water is an essential.

Thinking Toys at Golly GearThinking Toys: And tire your Boston out by making him use his brain with these Thinking Toys!

Chicken Heart Treats at Golly GearFreeze Dried Chicken Heart Treats are my Boston's favorites! He'll do anything for a piece! Made in Wisconsin, USA.

Red Dingo ID TagRed Dingo I.D. Tag: Our first Boston Terrier was a runner - if anyone left the door open, Spunky was gone. If he'd been wearing an I.D. tag, he wouldn't have had a police record! (A cab driver picked him up off the street and dropped him at the local police station. In the days before microchips or cell phones, we were frantically searching the neighborhood. We finally called the police station they told us they had a little black-and-white dog - being held in the jail!).

Microfiber Step-in HarnessMicrofiber Step-in Harness: Soft and strong, this adjustable harness will always look spiffy - it feels like suede, but is machine-washable.

Boston Terrier Lucky Charm Tee at Golly GearBoston Terrier Lucky Charm Tee at Golly GearIs your Boston Terrier your lucky charm? Mine is - so here's a great Lucky Charm Tee from SunFrog. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day - or any other day! Available in Men's and Ladies' Tee Shirts and Hoodie styles. You'll be purchasing this directly from SunFrog Shirts.

Chillybuddy Winter Jacket for Small Dogs at Golly GearThe Chillybuddy Winter Jacket: Bostons get cold in the winter. The Chillybuddy will keep him warm! We need our parkas in the winter and our Bostons need a Chillybuddy!

Boston Terrier Path to my Heart Tee at Golly GearPath to my heart design on tee at Golly GearYour Boston Terrier walks a path to your heart on the front of this T-Shirt by SunFrog Designs. Show the world your cute little Boston's pawprints leading to your heart! Available in Guy's Tee, Ladies' Tee and Hoodie styles. The right is a close-up of the design. You'll be purchasing this directly from SunFrog Shirts.

If you love Boston Terriers, you'll want to know all you can about them! One of the best places to check is the national club representing Bostons: The Boston Terrier Club of America. The BTCA includes the history of the breed, health concerns and information, breeder referrrals, and much more.

You can also use social media to connect with other Boston Terrier fans - the Facebook group Boston Terrier Addicts has more than 50,000 members.