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For Your Italian Greyhound

More robust and sturdier than they appear, Italian Greyhounds are among the most elegant-looking of the toy breeds of dogs. IGs are almost-ideal companion dogs - playful, intelligent, sensitive and deeply affectionate towards their families - people with Italian Greyhounds are never alone, although IGs may appear to be aloof with strangers. IGs are adaptable to almost any living situation. Italian Greyhounds' short coats, slender builds, and unique physiques require some special consideration, and we recommend these products:

PerfectFit HarnessPerfectFit Harness: Soft, wide straps and v-neck design make this easily-adjustable harness ideal for deep-chested, slender-necked Italian Greyhounds.

EZCollar & Leash SetEZCollar & Leash Set: Wide and comfortable for our IGs, and padded with fleece this is a martingale-type collar. A leash is attached with a swivel, and the handle is padded with fleece for our comfort.

Finger Toothbrush for Small Dogs at Golly GearFinger Toothbrush: Italian Greyhounds are particularly susceptible to dental issues and daily tooth-brushing is a must to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Stretch Fleece Jacket at Golly GearStretch Fleece Jacket: Sometimes our IGs get chilly, even in the house. The Stretch Fleece Jacket is soft and comfortable, so it's great around the house or as a layering piece.

Chicken Heart TreatsChicken Heart Treats: All-natural, made-in-America treats that dogs love. Just sliced chicken hearts freeze-dried at a USDA-inspected plant in Wisconsin.

Microfiber Step-in HarnessMicrofiber Step-in Harness: Broad, soft straps feel like suede, but are washable, durable microfiber with European styling.

Tattoo T-ShirtTattoo Tee: Just a "little something" to wear when the temperature dips, either indoors or out.

Tossing Toys for Small Dogs at Golly GearTossing Toys: Fun toys that are great for fetch, keep-away, and IG zoomies.

Chillybuddy Winter JacketChillyBuddy Winter Jacket: A favorite for IGs - no-sleeve design and easy adjustment allow this toasty-warm coat to fit IGs beautifully and keep their chests warm in even the coldest weather.

EasyGo HarnessEasyGo Harness & Leash Set: Unstructured, soft material with a slide-closure makes for a perfect fit every time this harness is worn.

Thinking Toys for Little Dogs at Golly GearThinking Toys: Keep your IG occupied with one of these Thinking Toys.