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For Your Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin are an ancient breed, and thought to be one of the first dogs owned by nobility to function only as companions. This toy breed is considered to be among the most cat-like of dogs, with an independent attitude and a tendency to groom themselves with their front paws. Chin are also alert and intelligent little dogs with a wonderful sense of balance and an affinity for high perches - another cat-like quality.
Japanese Chin are generally healthy, but their shorter snouts and soft, silky fur do require some special consideration when choosing the perfect products for these loyal little dogs. Some of the best products for Japanese Chin include:

Plaid Step-in Harness for Small DogsThe Plaid Step-in Harness: One of the smoothest of the strappy harnesses, the Plaid Step-in is less likely to snag and pull at fur.

Collapsible Bowl for Small DogsCollapsible Bowl: Short-faced dogs should be protected from overheating and stay refreshed. Your little one can share your bottle of water.

1Z Harness-Coat for Small Dogs1Z Harness Coat: Waterproof, windproof, and with a built-in harness, this neoprene jacket will keep your dog dry and comfortable in raw, wet weather.

EasyGo Harness & Leash Set for Small DogsEasyGo Harness & Leash Set: Silky-smooth vest harness and sliding adjustment ensure this harness has a comfortable, custom fit every time it's used.

Chicken Heart Treats for Small DogsChicken Heart Treats: All-natural, single ingredient treats. Just sliced chicken hearts freeze-dried at a USDA-inspected plant in Wisconsin.

Stowaway Rain Jacket for Small DogsStowaway Rain Jacket: Be ready for any sudden downpour with this easy-to-use rain jacket that folds into its own pocket/pouch.

Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness for Japanese ChinChoke-Free Shoulder Collar: Many toy dogs are prone to collapsing trachea syndrome. It can be prevented with this no-choke harness that circles the dog around the shoulders, avoiding all pressure on the dog's neck and throat.

Pawz Disposable Boots for Small DogsPawz Disposable Boots: The only dog boots we've found that stay on and keep your dog's feet dry and comfortable. Dogs easily adjust to Pawz because they can still feel the texture of the ground.

Thinking Toys for Small Dogs at Golly GearThinking Toys: Tire your Chin out by making her think! These toys are fun for both of you!