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For Your Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is an ancient breed, with known references over 1,200 years ago. "Bearded Lion Dog" is a rough translation of its name from its native Tibet. Tibetan legend has it that the Snow Lion is the protector of the country, and when the Snow Lion descends from the mountains, he becomes a dog - the Lhasa Apso. Like all Himalayan breeds, forged by harsh conditions, the Lhasa Apso is efficient, balanced, and moderate in all ways. According to the American Lhasa Apso Club, the "Lhasa Apso's temperament is unique. The standard says 'gay and assertive but chary of strangers'. Independent by nature, Lhasa Apsos are lively and fun-loving, while also sensitive to the environment, watchful and intelligent. Above all, they are guardians, especially within their own domain."

The Lhasa Apso's we've known have all been beautiful to watch - with a spark of mischief in their eyes! We recommend these products as especially suited to Lhasa Apsos:

Rolled Microfiber Harness & LeashRolled Microfiber Harness & Leash Set - Rolled designs tend to catch less in long coats and consequently are less likely to cause tangles or matting.

Zippy Burrows Interactive ToyZippy Burrows - "Find it!" is one of our Lhasa Apso friend's favorite games.

Big Cheese ChewBig Cheese Chews - Long-lasting chew toys contain only four ingredients: Cow's Milk, Yak's Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt.

EasyGo Harness & Leash SetEasyGo Harness & Leash Set - Easy-on and off with smooth edges, the EasyGo adjusts for a perfect fit each time it's used.

Car Booster SeatCar Booster Seat - Every Lhasa Apso loves to survey her domain - even while traveling.

Diamante Dog ID TagDiamante ID Tag - Celebrating the Lhasa Apso's noble heritage.

Braided British Show LeadBraided British Show Lead - A slender, supple leash for everyday constitutionals.

Stowaway Rain JacketStowaway Rain Jacket - An easy, no-fuss rain covering.