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For Your Papillon

If you have a Papillon, or you know one, you know these charmers of the toy group are intelligent, curious, energetic and lively dogs. Bright little Papillons are extremely trainable and can excel in obedience, rally, and agility. Generally a healthy and long-lived breed, Papillons can be active well into their teens. Like many small dogs, Papillons can be barkers and their curiosity can get them into trouble, so obedience training is advised; both to occupy their minds and keep them safe.

The products we recommend for Papillons include:

Choke-Free Shoulder Collar HarnessChoke-Free Shoulder Collar: The soft-leather style and easy-to-use design of this harness keeps your dog safe and comfortable.

Click-a-trick clicker trainingClick-A-Trick Cards: Fun introduction to clicker-training for both of you.

Chicken Heart TreatsChicken Heart Treats: All-natural, made-in-America, single-ingredient treats you can feel good about giving your little dog.

Balloon Mini Animal ToyBalloon Mini Animal Toy by Charming: A tiny latex squeaky toy your Papillon will love to chase and play with!

Rolled Microfiber Step-in Harness & Leash Set at Golly GearRolled Microfiber Step-in Harness & Leash Set won't mat your Papillon's fine fur. It's a secure step-in Harness without clasps and adjusts instantly.

Wrap-N-Go HarnessWrap-n-Go Harness: Escape-proof harness keeps your active dog safely with you.

Zippy Burrow Interactive ToyZippy Burrow Interactive Toy: Your small dog will find the squeaky plush toys inside the Burrow - you'll toss it, he'll chase it and bring it back, you'll stuff it back in the Burrow, and the game starts again!

Reversible Sling CarrierSling Carrier: Perfect for toting your dog around the house, block, neighborhood, or mall.

Himalayan Dog ChewBig Cheese Chews: Healthy, limited-ingredient, chew toy is completely digestible.

Yellow Dog Design HarnessYellow Dog Design Step-in Harness: Narrow straps and silky-smooth nylon webbing make this harness a perfect choice for small, soft-coated dogs.