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For Your Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers are bright, athletic, tidy little dogs who are true to their terrier roots - displaying all the fierce intelligence, loyalty, and persistence of true terriers in a tiny package. Generally healthy, sturdy and easy to groom, Toy Fox Terriers have predominantly white bodies with coloring on their heads and look great in every color of the rainbow! TFTs are lively dogs, with an "off" switch - making them wonderful companions for both adventures and cuddling!

Some of our favorite products for Toy Fox Terriers include:

Wrap-N-Go Harness at Golly GearThe Wrap-n-Go Harness - a secure, no-escape, easy-to-use harness for everyday adventures.

Clicker Training Kit at Golly GearClicker Training Kit - Challenge your TFT to learn any trick you can think of in only a few minutes a day once you and your dog start playing with Clicker Training!

Thinking Toys at Golly GearThinking Toys - Tire your super-smart Toy Fox Terrier out by making him use his brain!

ComfortFlex Sport Harness at Golly GearComfortFlex Sport Harness - Strong enough to hold the most lively little dog without choking or stress.

Chicken Heart Treats at Golly GearChicken Heart Treats - Reward your wonderful dog with healthy, single-ingredient, all-natural treats made and sourced in the U.S.

Comfort-X Step-in Harness at Golly GearComfort-X Step-in Harness - All the comfort and softness of a vest-type harness with the superior fit and ease of a step-in.

Teeny Tug Toy at Golly GearTug Toys - Tugging and other interactive games build the bond between you and your little dog.