Dog Tip Tuesday – Prevent dog acne with the right bowls

Unless you’ve been there/done that, even the most savvy dog owner may not know that dogs can get acne. When you know, it’s easy to prevent dog acne in a simple process  incorporated into your regular routine. Canine acne looks like red bumps on the dog’s chin. It indicates a little infection of the skin, and just like for people, may be painful. Some kinds of dogs are more likely to suffer from canine acne – especially those with wrinkles or folds of skin around their mouths. All of our dogs have some of those wrinkles – especially Teddy and Torque, the French Bulldogs.

Preventing the problem of dog acne

One step in prevention is the same as for people – keep it clean. Torque is an especially messy eater, so his face always gets at least a quick rinse when he’s done. (A damp washcloth usually does the trick.) Once a week the boys get a thorough face washing as part of their regular “ablutions” – nails, teeth, ears, etc.
Preventing dog acne includes the right bowl

We have a wide selection of bowls, including the recommended ceramic and stainless choices.

Another part, which is just as crucial – is to only use ceramic or stainless steel bowls for food and water for your dogs. Plastic bowls are a cause of canine acne, in addition to leaching chemicals into the food or water. Stainless steel or glazed bowls will prevent “muzzle folliculitis” or dog acne and have the added advantage of being dishwasher-safe. Plastic bowls are fine for short-term use – there’s nothing more convenient than a collapsible bowl for a trip to the park or to tuck in a training bag for class. But for always-available water and meals, stick to stainless or ceramic and save your pup from uncomfortable and unsightly canine acne. We only wish the issue were as easy to prevent and control in people – our teenage years would have been less filled with angst.

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