Welcome to the Naughty Dog club!

Do you have a naughty dog? Welcome to the club!

Not to name-drop (which we’re actually not going to do), but we know some of the top dog-sport competitors in the country. In a variety of sports; obedience, rally, agility, etc. Some are friends, some friendly acquaintances, some we nod and smile when we see.

Every single one of them is a member of the Naughty Dog Club, too!

They’re dogs!

Our first “Aha!” naughty club membership moment came a few years ago when a friend, one of the highest-achieving obedience competitors we know, admitted that her dog jumped on the dinner table, while she was eating, and begged for food. To protect her identity, we’ll just say that, naturally, her naughty dog was a toy breed. Just sayin’.

That’s when we realized that even the most competent trainers, world-class dog sport competitors, all have naughty dogs – just like you and us. There are times when their dogs are brilliant in public. And there are those private moments when we just sigh, or laugh, or throw our hands in the air. 

Everyone has a story

One of our favorite “naughty dog” stories happened quite a few years ago. We had a Boston Terrier named Daemon, a very well-mannered gentleman, most of the time. 

It was Memorial Day and the family gathered around the kitchen table, enjoying an adult beverage, catching up with each other, and waiting for the grill to heat up. The sirloin steak was waiting on the table, seasoned and ready to go on the grill. 

Boston Terrier Daemon the naughty dog

Daemon was sitting on the breakfast nook, as he always did, watching the conversation like it was a tennis match. With the utmost delicacy, he reached over, sank two teeth into the steak, and started dragging it over. 

At first, we were too flabbergasted to react! Our perfect “gentleman” was attempting Grand Theft Steak right in front of our noses!

We were laughing too hard to yell at him. So we rescued the steak (yes, we still ate it!), grilled it, and Daemon got some. Crime does pay, after all!

Every dog is naughty

You’re not alone – every dog has moments of indiscretion! Some are funny, like Daemon. Others are frustrating.  Or infuriating. Or just aggravating. When Hope’s Teddy decided it was bedtime, he caterwauled until everyone knew about it. And usually got his way. He had an uncanny built-in alarm clock – it was usually time.

Those odd naughty dog moments are the ones that stand out. They’re the fabric of your special dog’s personality, the times that bring a smile to your face long after that beloved dog is gone. We’d love to know your “naughty dog” stories! Won’t you share?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Naughty Dog club!

  1. Wendy Thomas

    A few years ago I was in the kitchen doing dishes and my alarm to my truck kept going off in the garage, I took my keys out of my purse and turned off my alarm. Few minutes later it started again. Now Im frustrted as to what is going on. Out from the bedroom came my Yorkie and a plastic ziplock baggie in her mouth. Now I realize what is going on. Earlier that day I put my extra key to my SUV in the baggie and I must have left it on the bed. So Ms Madison was comping on my key and setting off my alarm.

    She is too cute!!!


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