Storing dog stuff

Dog stuff, like kid stuff, can take over the house. It’s almost like it grows when you’re not paying attention. There are the toys and chewies that take over the couch. “What did I just sit on?” is heard at least daily. There are things stepped on, tripped over, and blocking doorways.

To be perfectly honest, it’s usually the dogs themselves blocking the doorways. We think our doggos have a pact – one of them always has to have us in their field of view. And the best way to accomplish that is to stop us from going anywhere. That way they always know where to find us.

Great idea!

dog stuff - leashes and collars

With four dogs in the house, we thought it would be a great idea to put hooks near the door. One hook for every dog’s leash and collar. It worked for a while. Then there were more collars. And harnesses. The retractable leash for training recalls. And the other collar(s) that we couldn’t resist. So it grew and it grew. 


dog stuff - coats

And we thought it would be another great idea, since we don’t have a mud room, or even an entrance way, to hang an over-the-door set of hooks for the dogs’ sweaters, and coats, and a towel to dry them on rainy days. 

Everything just seems to multiply, exponentially. 

And then there are toys

dog stuff - toys

Another great idea, so we thought, would be to use one of those trunk organizers to keep the not-in-use dog toys. We rotate the dog toys at our house. When the dogs get tired of a toy, it gets washed and then goes on hiatus. A toy from the bin takes its place, and the dogs think they have a new toy. Which they usually do, since we can’t resist bringing work home with us.

Solutions, anyone?

We’re interested in finding out if anyone has a better, more sustainable method than we do. From some of the pictures we see on social media, there are lots of lucky dogs out there with lots of stuff. How do you keep your dog stuff organized? We’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Storing dog stuff

  1. Suzanne Ditsler

    I bought drawers on wheels from the container store. they are long and narrow and made from metal. The drawers slide open. The top is sturdy enough to sit on. I put my hats and gloves in one drawer and the dogs coats and harnesses in the other two. Works great. I must say I have two other cabinets filled with dog sweaters and harnesses. But the ones by the door are the most used. I hang leases on a hook by the door. All works well. Miss you guys! Suzanne and Jack

    1. Golly Gear Post author

      I love the idea of the wheel-around drawers! Especially that you can sit on it while you put boots on and stuff. Now to just figure out a place to keep the unit! We miss everybody, to be honest. Which is why we’re so happy when people comment, write, or send pictures! Thanks so much!


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