Celebrating Dog Moms (and Dads)

Thank you, Dog Moms and Dads! You never hear it from your dog, but we’re letting you know – we think you’re terrific!

We know dogs aren’t easy or convenient. You choose to structure your days so your dog’s needs are met. You opt for all the messy chores; feeding, bathing, grooming, pick-ups. 

People without dogs don’t really understand it. They’re the ones who might say “it’s just a dog.” But please know that there are legions of us who get it. What we get from our dogs is so much more than what they ask of us.

Spoil them rotten

Back in the day, when our family had a bookstore, the bookstore had a resident cat. His name was Merlyn. Merlyn had quite a few fans, and would spend his days on the checkout counter, in a special bed. Or on the lounge chair next to the counter that was his alone.

One day, as one of his fans was admiring him, a shop customer (obviously not a pet person), said “He’s not too spoiled, is he?”

To which the woman petting him replied; “Why not? It’s not like he has to grow up and be a responsible taxpayer!”

And, since that day, it’s been our response whenever we’re accused of spoiling our pets. Merlyn was the only cat we’ll ever have – we’re dog people at heart. But we loved him dearly, spoiled him rotten, and remember him fondly. 

Lavish them with love

Dog Moms and Dads make sure their pets have everything they need; nutritious food, secure harnesses, proper health care. And they go a step further, giving their dogs enrichment with toys, attention, training games, and affection.

All of that can add up to a significant investment of time and money. Again, non-dog people may not understand the return on that investment. But we do.

Unconditional love

There’s a popular quote: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” It’s by Josh Billings, a 19th Century humorist. And it’s absolutely true.

Dog Mom Hope getting licked by French Bulldog Torque

Dog people know unconditional love. There are people you love, who love you, too. But every person knows nobody’s perfect. Your dog doesn’t know that. They think you are the epitome of perfection. And their absolute faith in us helps when we’re not convinced that’s true.

Dogs sense our moods and our needs. When we’re feeling low, they either cuddle close, or act goofy and pester us until we play with them. And either one helps, although playing with your dog is bound to lighten the gloomy days.

Celebrating Dog Moms (and Dads)

Whether you call yourself a “dog mom” or “dog dad,” it is your role. You embrace the responsibilities of having a dog. And enjoy all the stuff that goes with it. 

Some of that, like the line-up of chewed-up toilet paper rolls gifted by a new puppy, is much funnier years later. Lots of it makes you look over at your sleeping dog and say “Awww, he’s so cute.” But most of all, it all feels like family, and love, and home. 


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