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We really do know the trouble you’ve seen

I (Hope) just got off the phone with a new customer from Rhode Island.
This very nice couple needed a harness for their Miniature Pinscher and were having trouble finding anything that fit. Apparently they’ve tried bunches of harnesses in the two years they’ve had their pup – with little or no success. They’re currently “making do” with one that’s a bit big, and doesn’t really fit too well, but was okay over sweaters or jackets. But it’s Spring now, and the sweaters and jackets have to come off. They needed a harness that fits.
Oh, my. I could hear their frustration. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a secure harness that fits properly. But it can be – and that’s exactly why our family started Golly Gear.
Golly was Fran’s Brussels Griffon and the smallest dog we’d ever had in the family. She wasn’t tiny, about 10 or 11 lbs., depending on how strong we were in resisting that adorable, imploring little face. But it was practically impossible to find anything that fit her properly. We had to resort to cat collars, baby onesies, infant bowls, and other, silly makeshift answers. It was quite a few years ago and fortunately, things have changed.
We’d been in retail for a while and had some resources many people don’t. We started doing our research and finding small dog stuff. And just had to share it with other small dog people.
We know that no dog really needs all 30+ styles of harnesses we carry. But the right harness for a Shih Tzu will probably be a different harness than the perfect on for a Miniature Pinscher. And the size difference between a five-pound dog and a 10-pound dog is huge compared to 65- and 70-pound dogs.
Our goal is to eliminate frustration for small dog people. We want to be the resource people can rely on when they have questions about their dogs. Part of the community of dog people.
I was able to help the Rhode Island Miniature Pinscher people. It took a couple of phone calls and a bout with a measuring tape, but we figured out the answer to their problem and were able to help. It’s been a good day.

Dog life hack – Stop the fur snowballs on your dog

One of the most uncomfortable things about winter for the fuzzy dogs we know is  “leg fur snowballs.”

poodle has fur snowballs

This is the Miniature Poodle of a friend of ours here in Chicago. You can see that Aleena is wearing her Pawz boots – and they’re wonderful for keeping her little feet dry and road-salt free. But they can’t do anything about the accumulation of wet, uncomfortable snow in her beautiful fur.

Snowsuits for dogs?

We’ve been asked many times over the years about “snowsuits” or leggings for dogs. We’ve tried quite a few, from many different makes, and none has provided a simple solution for all dog owners. Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes, their leg sizes vary so wildly, that “normal” sizes just don’t apply. A Miniature Dachshund and a Miniature Poodle may be about the same size, but the lengths of their legs couldn’t be more different.

Easy solution fits any dog!

We’ve found an easy, inexpensive way to keep the fur snowballs away! It works for any dog, because you tailor the solution to your particular need.

Get a multi-pack of  inexpensive baby, toddler, or children’s socks (whichever would be closest to your dog’s size) from any big-box store. Cut open the toe seam and you have instant leggings for your dog! If you’re incredibly handy you can hem the opening, but if you’re not, you have more in the multi-pack when the original ones start to unravel.

If your dog’s legs are still too skinny – get a package of Velcro-like cable ties to secure the leggings in place. Don’t make it too tight – we don’t want to cut off the dog’s circulation, just keep your pup comfortable in the cold.

If you dog’s legs are larger or longer – get bigger socks!

Keep exposure brief

Winter can be just as much fun as any other season, as long as you and your dog are prepared. Remember, if it’s too cold for you, chances are it’s too cold for your dog, too!