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Help with housework or lazy bums?

Fran on Friday

Get your dogs used to all kinds of noises!Hi – it’s been a while… sorry about that. I’ve been caught up in other work!

Anyway, the topic of the day is, Do your dogs help with the housework? Or are they lazy bums and just watch from the couch? Or attack the vacuum and need to be locked up?

My dogs sometimes keep me company when I’m cleaning. Sometimes they like to be in the same room or get in the way. Other times one is with me and the other one is in bed in another room.

The reason this came up is that I decided to vacuum the ring today. Our old vacuum cleaner died a little while ago and as it’s been pretty quiet today, I decided to put together the new one and give it a try. (Works great, by the way.) But I decided to keep Tango and Booker in the office, and Tango let me know he was not happy with that decision! I could hear him over the vacuum.

One of our dogs had to be locked up when we were vacuuming because she actually broke a tooth on the vacuum. That was an expensive lesson. Our current group just follows us around, perhaps trying to see if we’re dropping crumbs.