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Dogs never tell

Fran on Friday

Dogs are our faithful companions.Got a secret? Tell it to your dog – he’ll never tell! Over the years our dogs have been our sounding boards for our biggest ideas. Our best friends to whom we tell everything. Our pillows when we’re tired. Our body warmers when it’s cold. Our audience. Our face washers. Our playmates. Our training partners.

When we’re happy, we tell our dogs. When we’re sad we cry on our dogs. When things aren’t going right, our dogs sometimes witness our tantrums. If I yell, my dogs think I’m yelling at them – then they always get treats. When things are going right, our dogs get some of the rewards.

The point is, our dogs are always with us. They’re our constant companions at home. They’ll never tell any of our secrets. (Even if they wanted to!) Our duty is to make sure that our faithful friends are taken care of. Always have fresh water. Always put down the most nutritious, tasty food in just the right amount. Exercise our dogs when they need it. Play with our dogs for fun. Train our dogs so that they know what’s expected of them. Our dogs can’t take care of themselves, so we have to take care of them. I’ll always do my best.