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Picture of a brindle french bulldog to illustrate Caught by Coronavirus

Caught by Corona Virus

This week we did something we’ve never, ever done before. Both of us tested positive for Covid 19.We’ve been caught by the corona virus. Gotta say that we’re not really enjoying the experience. And there have been some unexpected symptoms. We expected stuffy nose, fever, chills. After all, that’s also how the vaccines took us. The real surprise is the incredibly painful sore throat. Every single time you swallow. Fran said “I’m getting tired of bracing myself every time I swallow.” I get it. It’s gotten old really fast.

Aside from feeling totally crappy, and in pain, we can’t help but feel we’re letting down our dogs. In case you didn’t know, we play training games with them every day. Until this week. We just don’t have the energy. 

They’re all holding up like troopers! When we head for the computer instead of the training area, they’re totally okay with it. I think it speaks to how attuned our dogs are to us, all of us. Our dogs seem to know when we don’t feel good. And they’re the best little care-givers around. 

Protocols in place

It’s kind of odd – we put coronavirus protocols in place at the shop years ago when it first raised its ugly head. We just dusted them off and we were all ready to go. Masking in the shop, Gloves when packing orders. It may be a little extreme, but just in case a customer is immune-compromised, we’d rather be too safe.

We’re very grateful that dogs don’t seem to get sick with Covid 19. If they did, ours would all have it simultaneously now. Because our little care-givers don’t want to leave our sides for even a moment.

Picture of a brindle french bulldog to illustrate Caught by Coronavirus

Does your dog play “nursemaid,” too? Hope’s Torque is the most obvious culprit. He lies down across Hope’s legs and doesn’t move. Until her knees fall asleep and she makes him shift over.

How do your dogs take care of you when you’re sick? Do they hover, or do they get scared? Hope’s Brussels Griffon boy Roc was appalled when Hope’s “face made noise.” Sneezes were the worst, but he wasn’t fond of coughing, either. During allergy season, his look of outrage was almost constant.

Appealing to your experience

We know this post isn’t really all that useful for other people, but we’d like to make it helpful for us. Have you had Covid 19? How long did it last? What was the worst of your symptoms? And can you please make it go away…

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