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Resolve to Live Like A Dog

New Year’s resolutions are on the agenda today. Ours is simple – to live more like a dog! We all love dogs, but rarely do we see them as role models. But they have lots of good lessons for us:

Relax whenever you can

Picture of a puppy sleeping to illustrate Live Like A Dog

Dogs really know how to relax. They don’t worry about how they look, where they are, or who may be watching. When they’re tired, they sit, or lie down. In many cases, the spot they choose may be right in the middle, on top of you, or where you were intending to go – but they don’t care. That’s the spot they’ve chosen and they claim it. More often than not, they’re either in the way or on you. And how many times have we decided not to get up, because we don’t want to disturb the dog? Especially when they look so darn cute.

Enjoy your food

Four Golden Retriever puppies eating to illustrate Live Like A Dog

We confess. Sometimes we give our dogs treats just because they look so cute chewing. They always eat with gusto, as if what’s on the menu is the best food ever made by the top chefs in the world. They don’t care that it’s the same stuff they ate yesterday. And the same stuff they’ll eat tomorrow. They love it!

Don’t worry about the mess

A small dog with dirt all over its face to illustrate Live Like a Dog

When you’re having a good time, it doesn’t matter if there are clean-up consequences later. Don’t let that mud puddle stop you from playing. And if you want to explore under that bush – go ahead and check it out. Try being spontaneous and going where your curiosity takes you. 

Use all your senses

White and black dog sniffing a snail to illustrate Live Like A Dog

Dogs are always curious about the world around them. They can sniff the same spot every walk, every day, and still find it endlessly fascinating. When was the last time you took a good look around when you were out and about? Were there clouds in the sky? How beautiful was yesterday’s sunset?

 Live in the moment

That’s the most important lesson of all from dogs. They don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t worry at all – unless you’re late with their dinner. Dogs live in the moment. They’re ready to have fun at a moment’s notice. They don’t plan and strategize – they take advantage of all the fun life has to offer. Whether it’s a walk, a tummy rub, a training game, or just a snuggle on the couch – chances are your dog’s all in, every time. It may not work for people all the time, we have responsibilities. But just sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to live like a dog?

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