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There’s no people like dog people

I (Hope) just got back from a week celebrating dogs. French Bulldogs in particular – it was the French Bulldog Club of America 2017 National Specialty.

There was competition in conformation (the beauty pageants of the dog world), barn hunt (dogs sniffing out rodents), obedience, rally obedience, agility, and even lure coursing.

Hope and Torque

Hope and Torque in conformation.

Frenchies aren’t generally known for their athletic prowess or trainability, but our dogs strutted their stuff and we had a wonderful time.

My dogs and I competed in several events, and, measured in “wins,” weren’t particularly successful. We came home with a couple of ribbons – but those aren’t the reasons we went.

The “Nationals” are our yearly chance to catch up with friends from around the country, and the world. We share a common bond – loving all the quirky looks, personalities, foibles and bizarre sounds that make up French Bulldogs.

Some of those friends are long standing. Others are new. And some fall into a unique 2st century category – people I’ve “friended” online and never met until this week.

Virtual friends are now actual. And it’s the community that our dogs create that make dog clubs invaluable. We’ve already started planning more get-togethers, a couple days a year isn’t enough.

For that bubble of time, we’re just friends having fun with our dogs. The pressures of “real life” are a step removed. Truthfully, I don’t even know what some of my “Frenchie friends” do in real life. Or whether they’re married, or have children. I know nothing about their politics, religions, or professions. I do know we all like to share a laugh, a meal, and our love for our dogs.

If you could use a chance to relax and just have fun with your dog, look for a dog community near you. There are meetups around for every kind of dog; by size, breed, maybe even color. There are clubs for every possible dog event or interest.

You may find you and your dog discover hidden talents you never knew you had. You’ll definitely find friends among the best people ever – dog people.