Life hack – never buy the wrong size again

Have you ever bought the wrong size for your dog?

It happens to everyone. If you bought it at Golly Gear, it’s not a problem – we’re happy to make exchanges, both in person and online.

But what if you just couldn’t resist getting an adorable present for Fido when you were on vacation in the south of France and saw that adorable little dog boutique? You’re pretty much out of luck.

Unless you have Fido’s vitals with you at all times!

It’s super simple to do.

Next time you’re with your dog, get a measuring tape and get out your phone – if it’s not already out.

Create a new contact in your phone with your dog’s name.

In the notes section, record his measurements. The ones you’ll need are:Where to measure your dog

Neck – all the way around where a collar would rest.
Chest (girth)- all the way around the rib cage, just behind the front legs
Back length – from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail (don’t include the tail).

Hit “Save.”


You’ll never have to worry about buying the wrong size for your dog again!

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