7 ways dogs make life better

Dogs are so very important. In so many ways, dogs make life better. We certainly hope they like sharing their lives with people. We’re not entirely sure how we’d be getting by without our little pack.

There’s just so much these days. The most telling report came from our dentist. The number of cracked and broken teeth dentists are seeing has skyrocketed. We’re all clenching our jaws to face the world. 

So, to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment with our cherished canines, here’s a countdown of seven ways that dogs improve our lives:

7: Dogs demand attention

If you thought for a single instant that you could just get home from wherever, flop down on the couch, and veg in front of the screen, you were sadly mistaken. After they’ve waited “forever” (even if you were just taking out the trash) to see you again, you’re not getting away with a “Hey, dog.” No way. Ear scratches, tummy rubs, and neck massages must be administered promptly after greetings. There will be no slacking, or you will be reminded by head butts, sleeve tugs, and general nagging until compliance is achieved. 

6. Cuddle time

Dogs make life better at work by keeping us company.

Contact with other beings is so good for humans, and it’s been hard to come by lately. Some dogs are better than others at achieving cuddles – just like some people. But whether your dog is a “get as close as possible to the point of suffocation” or a “next cushion over is good, thanks” personality, the contact is there. 

5. Dogs get us out and moving

There are days, most notably in sub-zero winter and blistering August, that staying inside in climate-controlled comfort would be great. But as every single dog owner knows, that’s just not going to happen. If hibernation were an option for humans, dog owners would have to opt out. Which is why, if studies were done, we’re pretty sure that dog owners would have a higher proportion of Vitamin D in their systems. Breathing some fresh air, putting on some “outside” clothes, and getting out of bed are all good-for-us habits that our dogs insist on.

4. They never judge us

Whenever we do something clumsy, stupid, or embarrassing, we always look around to see if anyone was looking. Our dogs are always looking – but they don’t care! Dogs think we’re wonderful no matter what we do. Even if it was stupid. If it was clumsy and we dropped something, they’ll help us clean it up. Especially if it was food. And even better – they’ll never tell anyone what happened.

3. Dogs demand play

One of the reasons that we’re addicted to playing training games with our dogs is because it ensures we get a few minutes of fun every day. Whether it’s a game of fetch, or tug, or just chasing your dog around when he grabs something and gets the “zoomies,” dogs demand that play happens. Try it yourself. Just grab one of your dog’s toys and take off running around the house. Of course you’ll be chased – and it’ll be fun.  As George Bernard Shaw said: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” People with dogs can’t afford to get old!

2. Amazingly good to look at

Have you ever just looked across the room at your dog and thought to yourself “My dog is just so darn cute!” And didn’t that make you feel happier? Dogs’ mere presence in the room can make it brighter, more comfortable, more content.

1. They love us

The absolute most important way dogs make life better: They demonstrate unconditional love. Anyone who doesn’t have a dog may not understand their truly selfless nature. They truly do love us more than we love ourselves. And our lives are immeasurably better because they share it.

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