Take Great Pictures of Your Dog – 3 Top Tips

Lots of pictures get taken this time of year. Everybody wants a record of celebrations with all your people and dogs. Taking pictures of people is easier – all you have to do is get their attention and say “Smile!” Dogs are a little tougher. If you call their name, chances are they’ll run up to you and you’ll get a blurry picture featuring your dog’s nose in your face! So how do you take great pictures of your dog?

Tip #1: Get on their level

Looking down at your dog is probably how you see them most of the time. But aren’t your favorite pictures the ones where your dog’s up on the couch, snuggling next to you, and his/her eyes are centered and level? Try it when your dog’s on the floor, too. Get down at your dog’s eye level and see the difference it makes. One of the big differences you’ll notice is being able to see your dog’s entire self in proper perspective. Wrong angle/perspective is one reason many dog pictures aren’t as cute as the dogs themselves. You can change that!

Picture of a male French Bulldog sitting to illustrate take great pictures of your dog

One caution – especially for owners of boy dogs. Especially if your boy is short-furred and sitting, the most prominent feature may not be his face. To avoid calling attention to his assets, move slightly to the side and position your picture so a front leg is blocking. Most of our dogs have been boys, and it’s become a habit for us. Glancing through the product pages in our shop, you’ll get the idea. We really like this example of Teddy in the Wrap-N-Go

Tip #2: Keep on shooting

Lots of times the most interesting pictures are the ones that happen after you’ve gotten the post you want. If you have a setting for shooting multiple pictures at once, called “burst shooting.” It’s often used for taking pictures at sporting events, but capturing a great picture of your dog can be a sport by itself. And if you have more than one dog, it’s absolutely essential – and fun! You can always delete the pictures that aren’t great, but you’ll find some that will make you smile, even if they weren’t intended. If your dog is trained to “Stay!” – keep shooting when you release them from the command. Often the first step or two includes a priceless smile.

Tip #3: Look at everything in the frame

How many times have you regretted an almost-great picture, if only there weren’t a lamp coming out of someone’s head? Just take a glance, through your lens, around the perimeter of your subject. Sometimes moving just a few inches to one side or the other can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be a boring white wall. It just shouldn’t have random objects emerging from your dog’s head, or ears, or tail!

The best tip of all is to take lots of pictures throughout your dog’s life. We never seem to have enough puppy pictures. Or mature pictures, for that matter. Looking at your dogs will always make you happy!

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