Four pictures of dog faces to illustrate Grateful for Dogs

Grateful for dogs

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. The only obligation is to cook, eat, and socialize. It reminds us, no matter what else is going on, that we have much to be grateful for. And many of the good things in life are because of dogs. So today, and every day, we’re grateful for dogs.

Not even specifically our dogs, although they’re high on the list. It’s other people’s care of their dogs that grants us so many opportunities. Our shop is based on sharing a mutual love of dogs with our customers. The foundation of our dog training, both online and in person, is wanting dogs to have bigger lives, better understanding of the world we share, and improved communication with their people.

We’ve discovered something pretty terrific. People who love dogs are pretty great. Maybe it’s because all of us have extended ourselves to see that dogs are capable of unconditional love. Each dog, like each person, is a unique personality, but every single one has that loving trait in common. 

Best company

Whether you have a huge, chaotic family or it’s just you and your dog, you never have to feel alone if your dog is with you. There’s somebody around who truly cares. When you talk, they listen. They may not understand, but they hang on every word you say as if it’s the most profound thing ever uttered.

Of course there are drawbacks to giving your love to dogs. The biggest one is coming to grips with their shorter life spans. We all love our senior dogs mightily, and when they do leave us, the grief is real. 

No limit on love

Over the years we’ve seen two reactions to the loss of a dog. Either the person talking to us is pondering the right time to add another love to their life. Or they declare they’ll never get another dog because it hurts so much to lose them.

Four pictures of dog faces to illustrate Grateful for Dogs
Tango, Booker, Torque, Simon

We understand both responses, but believe the second one is a mistake. By making a dog’s passing more important than the life they had with you, you’re dismissing the years of joy they brought. Another dog can never take the place of one that’s gone. But they can nestle into your life and heart and make a place of their very own.

Between us, we’ve had about a baker’s dozen of dogs in our lives. We love each of them for who they are, even when they’re being annoying. Even when they’re being naughty. And especially when they’re getting old. Does planning for the next dog mean you’re done with the one you have? No. It means that you realize there’s no limit on love. Each one special and unique. So we’re grateful for dogs. 

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