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Picture of four small dogs sitting to illustrate Rainy with a chance of poop

Rainy with a chance of poop in the kitchen

We’d love to know why dogs who love splashing through puddles, rolling in mud (or even worse-smelling things) think they’ll melt if a drop of rain touches them. Because around here, if it’s rainy, there’s a chance of poop in the kitchen.

Our normal “ME FIRST!” horde dashing out the door comes to a screeching halt when they get a glimpse of the puddles on the walk and the ripples of continuing drops. You’ve never seen dogs learn how to “back up” quite as fast. Then they earnestly and adorably meet our eyes with the promise that they can hold it. Possibly forever, but definitely until the sun comes out.

Picture of four small dogs sitting to illustrate Rainy with a chance of poop

Of course they lie. Especially the old dude who’s absolutely ornery about his elimination habits. We realize a walk to the back yard is like a marathon for 14-year-old Tango, whose knees don’t really bend any more. But he topples his way back there and stands. Just stands. We’re pretty sure our neighbors are tired of hearing us chant “Tango, go pee. Go pee, dude. Pee right there.” And, honestly, we’re pretty tired of saying it.

Out too often

We know we take our dogs outside much more than necessary. It’s a bad habit we developed when Hope’s Brussels Griffon Roc got older and had to go out about every two hours. And as everyone with multiple dogs will agree, you can never take just one dog out. Since we always go with our dogs, even in our own yard, we got in the habit of getting up, taking a break, and stretching every couple of hours. It gives us a refresher on our day that we just never stopped after Roc passed a few years ago. 

So we’re not fans of soaker days like this one. We have a pile of towels waiting inside. All the dogs like getting rubbed off – if you can catch them. The Bostons, Booker and Simon, run around the house like crazy dogs if they’re wet. Booker’s notorious for rubbing himself on rugs and/or furniture in an effort to dry off. Simon doesn’t quite understand the concept – he rubs himself on the wood floor. 

Depending on how hard it’s raining, “business” may or may not be conducted. And that’s why we keep the cleaning supplies out and handy on rainy days. Because no matter how well-trained your dog is, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The cobbler’s children

We can hear you wondering “Why don’t they use raincoats?” Good question! With a bad answer. Like the cobbler’s children who have no shoes, the dog-shop dogs won’t move if they’re wearing clothes. We’ve tried. All of them, for all of their lives. Raincoats, winter coats, boots, sweaters, etc. They become canine statuary if we put anything other than a collar or harness on them. 

Fortunately, snow doesn’t spark the same fear and loathing as rain. They don’t know it’s the same stuff, only colder. And we’re not someplace that’s constantly drippy, so there’s that. An occasional day of incredible inconvenience isn’t so bad. 

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