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Safety first and last. Other stuff in-between

Safety has been on our minds a lot lately. We suspect we’re no different than most people “in these uncertain times.” It’s become a phrase that’s already cliche.

Safety on several levels. Historically, the Fourth of July holiday sees the most dogs go missing – frightened by fireworks and too panicked to do anything but run. And while the illegal fireworks have been horrendous this year, not as many dogs have been lost.

We think there’s one big reason for that – people are staying home. And not hosting big parties, with doors and gates opening and closing often and randomly. If it’s just your immediate family, and everybody loves the dog, chances are everybody’s making sure the dog doesn’t run out when they open the door. 

Unfortunately, two families we know of did suffer dog-related tragedies because of the fireworks. We talked about panic and dogs in this week’s 2-Minute-Tip

Safest products

packages of safe treats for dogs

Here in the shop we’ve finally found a safe, new treat product line. One of the reasons we carry so few treat items is because we’re obsessed with safety so you don’t have to be. The Wild Meadow Farms Jerky Treats are made in the U.S., with limited ingredients, and are semi-soft treats that won’t crumble all over. They’re also small and break up even smaller without mess. 

Small is essential! Our little dogs deserve to be rewarded for all the wonderful things they do – even if it’s just being cute and keeping us company. With tiny treats, we can give them lots and not worry about overfeeding. 

Responsibility and love

As dog owners, we are responsible for every aspect of our dogs’ lives. We control where they live, what they do, where they go – everything is on us. As a resource for dog owners, our staff at Golly Gear has the responsibility for finding the best products, offering the best advice, and standing by all of our offerings. The shop has never been closed, but we are limiting the number allowed inside. Everybody (except the dogs) is wearing a mask.

Our own dog club has suspended classes through the summer. We do have some dog sports reopening in the area. The first local agility trial in months is this weekend. We’re not entered, but we look forward to hearing how it goes. All kinds of new protocols are in place to keep people, and their dogs, safe.

Walking safety

A debate over collars vs. harnesses has raged forever among dog trainers. Some swear that harnesses just encourage dogs to pull on leash. We understand the argument – if the dog is comfortable while it’s pulling, it will continue to pull. If, however, the dog isn’t comfortable (i.e. in pain), it will stop the behavior. 

We’ve never met anyone whose dog stopped pulling because it was choking. We have seen studies that say that all collars can cause neck injury if the dog pulls. It doesn’t matter what style: choke, prong, flat, martingale.

Dog safety being paramount – use a harness and train your dog not to pull. Changing any habit isn’t easy, but it is possible. We don’t think it’s ever okay to inflict pain on a dog.