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For Your Dachshund

The Dachshunds we know are impressive dogs - agile, smart, energetic, competitors in obedience and rally, and, most importantly, wonderful companions and friends. Dachshunds seem to be addictive - once you've invited one into your life, most people don't wish to be without at least one Dachshund. And most Doxie owners know the difficulty of finding properly-fitting dog gear for their dogs. These are some of the items that have proven track records for Dachshunds.

Plaid Step-in Harness for Small Dogs at Golly GearPlaid Step-in Harness - With its unique design, separating right at the dog's shoulder blades, and easily-adjustable straps, this harness is the best-fitting step-in we've found - even for deep-chested dogs with narrow necks, like Dachshunds.

Chicken Heart Treats for Small Dogs at Golly GearChicken Heart Treats - Single ingredient, high-protein, low-fat all-natural dog treats. Just freeze-dried (in Wisconsin) sliced chicken heart. Easy to break up. Every dog loves them.

Tossing Toys for Small DogsTossing Toys: Have fun with your little dog! Your Doxie will love to chase these fun toys.

Thinking Toys for Dogs at Golly GearThinking Toys - Engage your Dachshund's agile mind with interactive games like the Zippy Burrows. She'll pull the little animals out of their burrow, you'll toss it for her, she'll bring it back and you'll stuff it back into the burrow!

Wrap-N-Go Harness for Small Dogs at Golly GearWrap-N-Go Harness - No buckles or clips to chafe, the Wrap-N-Go features industrial-strength hook-and-loop closures to keep your dog safe. Adjusts for a perfect fit every time you put it on.

Braided Leather Collar for Small Dogs at Golly GearBraided Leather Collar - Every dog deserves to look as spiffy as Hannah the Wirehaired Dachshund!

Beef Trachea for Small Dogs at Golly GearBeef Trachea Chew - Your little Dachshund will be occupied chewing on this all-natural Beef Trachea Chew.

Click-a-Trick Cards and Clicker Dog Training at Golly GearClick-A-Trick Cards and Clicker - A great introduction to clicker training. You and your dog will have a ball learning new tricks in just a few minutes at a time.

To explore the world of Dachshunds from reliable sources, we recommend you connect with the Dachshund Club of America, the official representative of the breed to the American Kennel Club. The DCA delves into the history, conformation, and even health concerns of Dachshunds. In addition, it has resources for Dachshund Rescue, another way to make a difference for the dogs you love.
Connecting with other Dachshund people is simple, especially on social media like Facebook. One group (iHeartDachshunds) has over 60,000 members! There are also groups for special interests in Dachshunds, ranging from Miniature-only groups, to Wirehaired only groups, to groups addressing color variations. Whatever your particular interest - you only need to search!