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The Joy of Dog Training

Dogs make us smile every single day. Whether they're doing something actively adorable, or just sleeping next to us, dogs are a source of joy.

Fran and Hope,'s founders, got hooked on the fun of dog training years ago. Seeing the look on those fuzzy faces when they knew they were good dogs!, figured out problems, or had our undivided attention for a few minutes every day made every day better.

They are totally convinced that the world would be a happier, better place if more people played training games with their dogs. So they made it easy - developing 2-Minute-Trainer, a system of playing little games with dogs that have a profound effect.

In just 2-Minutes at a time, with guided fun, fast, effective dog training games, your dog can learn anything you imagine - from walking nicely on leash, to bringing back the toy you threw, to riding calmly in the car. And every single training game you play with your dog, two minutes at a time, strengthens and deepens your bond.

The weekly tips and newsletter are free. You can find games to play with your dog today. And it'll be today that you have fun with your good dog. 

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Hope and Torque love dog trainingFran and Booker love dog training

Sisters Fran and Hope are on the Board of Directors of the North Shore Dog Training Club, the oldest American Kennel Club Obedience Member in the U.S. They volunteer as instructors for the club, Fran in charge of Rally Obedience class, and Hope in Novice Competition and Beginner/Puppy classes. Personally, they compete with their dogs in dogs sports including Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Agility. Hope is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

But the best time with their dogs is every morning, 2-Minutes at a time, playing dog training games, focusing on those puppy dog eyes, and having fun with their dogs.