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Decorate Your Dog

Festive without sacrificing security

Your little dog can be festive without jeopardizing their safety.You don't want to sacrifice your little dog's safety - absolutely! But there's no reason not to be festive during any holiday season.

Decorate the Wrap-N-Go Harness

Take one of the best harnesses for small dogs ever - the Wrap-N-Go Harness by Bark Appeal - and decorate it! Your dog will not escape from you - he'll be right at your side - and he'll look fantastic.

Safety first!

Use inexpensive ribbons to make the Wrap-N-Go Harness ready for a party.You know the Wrap-N-Go is no-choke. You know your little Houdini dog will not back out of it. It looks great to start, and it'll look amazing when you add just a few little touches.


We used inexpensive ribbon from a crafts store and double-sided tape. If you want your decorations to be more permanent, sew the ribbon onto the harness.
This Wrap-N-Go Harness is ready for your dog to join in your holiday festivities.

Your imagination is the only limit decorating your small dog's Wrap-N-Go Harness!

Your imagination is the only limit when you decorate your little dog's Wrap-N-Go Harness!

Pompoms and bells! Little poofs and jingles for your little dog. Wrap-N-Go Harness!

Pompoms and bells decorating your little dog's Wrap-N-Go Harness!

Your small dog will sparkle and shine in his Wrap-N-Go Harness decorated for New Years!
Your small dog will sparkle and shine for the New Year in his decorated Wrap-N-Go Harness!