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For Your Pomeranian

Pomeranians are among the cutest dogs ever. It's not an opinions - it's fact. Especially today - when "Boo" and "Jif" are among social networking's most popular personalities!

If you own a Pom you know that the breed's charm extends well beyond their favorite-stuffed-toy looks. These cheerful, intelligent, fun-loving dogs are described as "buoyant" by the American Pomeranian Club - and who doesn't grin just looking at an adorable Pomeranian!

Poms have a thick double coat and require regular grooming. Like many toy breeds, they are prone to some tooth problems, so regular brushing is recommended. Generally healthy, Poms' exercise needs are easily met with regular walks - but care should be taken to always keep Pomeranians securely tethered to you. According to the Pom Club: "For their size, they are amazingly fast and have no comprehension of the danger of cars or other animals."

Bright, active, and merry, Poms are known to excel in performance events, including obedience, rally, and agility. With Pomeranians' special needs in mind - we recommend these products:

Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash SetRolled Microfiber Harness and Leash Set: One-piece design and rolled style will keep your dog secure and minimize the chance of matting.

Water RoverWater Rover: Active dogs need a supply of fresh water and a supply from home will ensure no tummy-upset.

Pooch PackPooch Pack: Front-carrier with legs-out design is endorsed by a motorcycle association and will keep your dog safely strapped to you for hiking, biking, and motorcycling.

Shoulder Collar HarnessChoke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness: Butter-soft leather harness with clean, minimal design is easy to use and comfortable for dogs.

Finger ToothbrushFinger Toothbrush: Meet your dog's daily grooming needs.

Zippy Burrow Interactive ToyZippy Burrows: Challenge your dog to a fun game of "find it!" with these interactive, plush puzzle toys.

Gooby Comfort HarnessComfort Harness: The only vest-type harness we've found with v-neck styling to maximize comfort and avoid choking.

Chicken Heart TreatsChicken Heart Treats: Single-ingredient, all-natural, made in the USA treats that are easy to break up, and dogs love.

Click-a-TrickClick-A-Trick Cards and iClick Clicker: You'll love seeing how quickly your dog will catch on to these tricks, and your dog will love learning new things and spending time with you.