A black, rough Brussels Griffon dog with a gray beardlying down to illustrate dogs are inconvenient

Dogs are inconvenient

Dogs are really inconvenient. There are so very many accommodations you have to make in your life.

You have to go out in all kinds of weather. Even if you’re sick. You always have to watch where you step. Even if your dog isn’t in the way, you know there are toys and chews lying around. And you have to schedule around your dog’s needs.

Planning the day

Just today, after all the morning routine stuff (take the dogs out, feed the dogs, have breakfast, wash Tango’s face/beard, play training games with the dogs) before we could get around to the house cleaning chores we planned, we had to think about what to do about the dogs. 

The first step in our deep-cleaning plan was vacuuming  Quite a few years ago, we thought it was funny that Dax’s mortal enemy was the vacuum cleaner. Hope’s first Frenchie attacked it every time it came out. Until the day she broke a tooth and needed surgery. Since that day, we play “better safe than sorry.” The dogs are crated when the vacuum comes out.

It’s not a big deal, since the dogs love their crates. Actually, they love their special “crate goodies,” but it’s the same result. They dash to their crates when they see us reach for their “only in the crate” treats.

But it is something we have to think about. Before we plan doing anything, either at home or outside, we have to think “what about the dogs.” 

Planning ahead

Parents of children and dog owners have the same obligation to plan ahead. It’s easy to be impulsive when there’s no one at home that needs to be walked, or fed, or needs medicine. 

A black, rough Brussels Griffon dog with a gray beardlying down to illustrate dogs are inconvenient

It’s a huge consideration when you have either a puppy or an old dog. Both have time limits on their bodily functions. Tango is 14 now, so we’re always checking calendars and coordinating schedules. Fortunately, he still remembers his training, but we don’t want to push our luck.

Dog owners always have to weight the possible consequences of their actions. It’s fun to meet up with friends at the end of the day. But what does that do to the dog schedule? And are you willing to face the consequences if you lose track of time?

Worth every bit of it

As we sit writing, one dog is snoring on the chair across from us, another is snoozing in the dog bed by our feet. And these are the moments that we feel sorry for anyone who thinks dogs are too inconvenient. Just looking at them warms our hearts. If you’re having a good day, it’s great to share it with your dog who loves you unconditionally. And if you’ve had a crappy day, it’s great to share a cuddle with your dog who loves you unconditionally. 

Basically, having a dog is pretty terrific. Even if dogs are inconvenient. 

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