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For Your Yorkie

When non-dog people think of toy dogs, more than likely it's the Yorkshire Terrier that comes to mind. Cuter than any stuffed animal and sized-just-right to go anywhere, Yorkies are also sturdy, feisty, true terriers - reportedly bred by the working folk of Yorkshire England to hunt vermin in the mills. Your Yorkie's prey may be his favorite toy, but the instinct is still there, as is the intelligence, problem-solving and devotion to his "job" - being a practically perfect companion. While Yorkies can range in size from under three pounds to over 10, all Yorkies share some common traits, including sensitive necks/throats that make harnesses a must-have in your Yorkshire Terrier's wardrobe. These are some of our favorite things - chosen with Yorkies in mind:

The EZ Wrap Harness is a great step-in harness for Yorkshire TerriersThe EZ Wrap Harness: A comfortable, easy-to-use step-in harness with a bit more coverage than other step-ins. Put it on the tiniest and squirmiest Yorkie with ease!

Shoulder Collar HarnessThe Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness: Simple, yet brilliant! Buttery-soft leather encircles the dog's shoulders, no pressure on the dog's neck at all.

Chicken Heart TreatsChicken Heart Treats: Single-ingredient, all-natural, high-protein treats made of sliced freeze-dried chicken hearts are easy to break into tiny pieces.

Tossing Toys for small dogs at Golly GearTossing Toys for Small Dogs: Your Yorkie loves to chase toys! Here are toys that are small enough for him to play with!

Rolled Microfiber Harness & Leash SetRolled Microfiber Harness and Leash Set: Velvety-soft microfiber fabric is strong, secure, and washable.

Water Rober BowlWater Rover: Conveniently tote your dog's home water supply and bowl.